Choosing to be Unhappy

Yesterday was a miserable day.  I woke up determined to have an awful day and did everything in my power to make it so.  I succeeded.

Wait a minute?  Did I read that correctly?  I chose to have a miserable day?  Yep, that’s right.  If happiness is a choice, which I firmly believe, unhappiness is also a choice.  Let me be honest though … it wasn’t a miserable day … it just wasn’t one of my best days.  Throughout the day, I continued to be in a sour mood and my self talk was at negative end of the scale.  I realized  I was keeping myself down but didn’t seem to want to change my perception.  Am I alone?  Have you been there before?

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Dissecting an Earworm

Many of us remember the dreaded school year where we learned we must complete that one course. You know, the course that makes girls squeamish and boys apprehensively excited.  No, not sex education… the class I speak of is the middle school biology class where each student dissects a creature to understand it’s anatomy. Continue reading “Dissecting an Earworm”

Can an Earworm Actually Make You Happy?

During a recent class on developmental psychology, we were discussing various treatments for psychological impairments and one of my classmates explained that she uses music as a therapeutic intervention for many of her clients. I thought, “sure, music is used in many ways to augment or define emotions”. After all, that is why movies pay such exorbitant amounts to have scores created to accompany the dialogue.  Continue reading “Can an Earworm Actually Make You Happy?”

The Power of Emotions in a Natural Disaster

Many of us are aware of the effects of Hurricane Harvey that the U.S. gulf coast states are currently experiencing.  What you may not be as aware of is the fact that even those who are not directly affected by the storm can experience significant stress as a result of it.

Natural Disaster

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Five Ways to Unlock the Mystery of Happiness

We live in a society filled with emotion. Happiness, sadness, fear, embarrassment, anxiety, and shyness are just a few examples of these emotions. As humans, we cannot interact with people exhibiting these emotions without them affecting us. In a nutshell, psychologists refer to this phenomenon as transference. Continue reading “Five Ways to Unlock the Mystery of Happiness”

Sculpting Student’s Minds And Hearts

I discovered today that one of my favorite professors in my master's program had passed away in February of this year. I met Dr. Joan Phillips while attending an art therapy course at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Phillips was the instructor for the course and she was one of those larger than life individuals who exude so much energy, excitement, and positivism that you can’t help but admire them as soon as you meet. Continue reading “Sculpting Student’s Minds And Hearts”

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

Some days it’s just difficult to find a reason to smile. Today was one of those days for me. It seemed like people were especially rude today… even those who you never would have expected rudeness from.  The demands of the day were overwhelming and the commute home lasted longer than usual and I nearly got in a wreck when a car turned in front of me. Have you ever had a day like that? Continue reading “Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?”

How to Make A Happy Life Story

According to a life theory by a psychologist and researcher Dan McAdams, we each have a life story. This life story is our perspective of the events that detail our experiences, hopes, and dreams that make up our life. Our life stories will have areas of happiness, sadness, hope, and fear.

We share bits of our life stories every day … whether it be describing the events of a stressful day with a friend or remembering a recent vacation. McAdams, believed life stories are crucial to our interaction and serve as a window into the rest of our life.

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Growing in the Dark will make You Stronger

You have been planted

We all try to avoid the unpleasantness of life – the dark times if you will.  However, it is those dark times that shapes us.  Psychologists have spent a lot of time evaluating whether nature (genetics) or nurture (environment) has the greatest influence on human development.

The genetic influence regards our genes – what we inherit from our parents… things such as eye color, hair color, allergies, height, and even to some extent, our intelligence.  In contrast, environmental influences that determine our development include the way we were raised, was it supporting or condemning, our relationship with others, the type of home we were raised in, nutrition, and the quality of education and healthcare we received. Continue reading “Growing in the Dark will make You Stronger”